[ Studio SingintheRain ]

an independent, multidisciplinary, design and graphics studio.


Focusing in visual communication & illustration.

Meanwhile being a Japanese to Chinese interpreter in the fields of art and design.


The founder of SingintheRain had lived in Kyoto and Florence,

enjoying the cultural diversity between Asia and Europe. 



|  Activities  |

2019, 06  Beijing abCArt Book Fair​, China

2019, 04  Tokyo Art Book Fair / Ginza Edition, Japan   

2019, 02  Fruit Exhibition, Bologna, Italy

2018, 10  Taipei Art Book Fair, Taiwan 

Selected Clients


+ Design +

_ Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan 

_ National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 

_ Cafe MONDOOR, Okinawa, Japan

_ PIN-UP Gallery, Okinawa, Japan 


+ Interpreter +

_ CCC Media House Co., Ltd - Pen Magazine, Tokyo, Japan 

_ Gallery SUIHA, Tokyo, Japan