Exhibition Related, Identity & Print Design

 Branding & Print Design

A cony coffee store at Itoma, Okinawa, Japan.


Redesigned the store's business card and created the coffee ticket.

Editorial & Print Design

Wired Next Fest 17/18


We collected the highlights of fest 2017, like speakers, workshops and gears. Meanwhile, picture new trends for this year. Designed the publication as a supplement magazine in Wired for the reader who wants to share their experiences with friends and keep the information easily.

200*200 mm, 44pages



Art Book Fair, 2019

Art Book Fair, Event 

Book Design

Art Direction & Design

Many kinds of apples exist today: green, red, yellow, sweet, sour; each of them with different properties and used in different cases to cure different diseases or help boost certain metabolisms. 

This project presents these fruits in 25 different lights, each inspired by and representing a specific theme: “web”, “propaganda”, “cut”, “warm color”, and “Pantone color”.